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Our company offers integrated software solutions to their customers through the services Of analysis, automation, and providing a package of high-level networking administrative and Financial systems with high reliability based on global technical and financial standards, which Serve companies in all sizes, and all sectors of business, industry, and service. Concord is known By its expertise in providing advanced software solutions for health facilities like hospitals and Health clinics and others in the medical field.

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Concord HIS premium edition 
HIS system is designed for health facilities small and medium-sized, the system aims to archive records of patients as an alternative to paper records, where it provides access to patients’ records and its details of identity information, medical file, consultations, medicines and medical services per visit.
A part of the main services is to gather information, extract statistics, and represent it graphically, arranged in organized tables, which helps management to understand and monitor the workflow of the facility.
It also provides the ease and speed in data entry, with the data patterns, in addition to the single high tech information interface, which is easy to understand so it provides the user a better data entry operations. 

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